Summer 2021 Student Projects

Independent Projects

Cayley Graphs of Right-Angled Artin Groups

Mentor(s): Maria Beatrice Pozzetti
Student(s) participating: Jannis Heising
Details: The goal of this project is to investigate the properties of right-angled Artin groups by visualizing their Cayley graphs.
Final report (including code): link

Proseminar/Seminar Projects

The project below took place as part of the HEGL Proseminar/Seminar.

Tilings in the Hyperbolic Plane

Mentor(s): Brice Loustau and Anja Randecker
Student(s) participating: Leon-Josip Dzojic, Ine Gabrielsen, Mara-Eliana Popescu
Details: The goal of this project is to visualize tessellations of the Poincaré Disk with Schwarz Triangles.
GitHub repository: link