MaML Seminar SoSe22


Organizers: Valentina Disarlo, Marta Magnani, Diaaeldin Taha
Location: The Seminar takes place in Seminar Raum C (Mathematikon) or online via Zoom. Contact us or join the HEGL Mailing List to get the Zoom coordinates.


01.08.2022 – Danielle Tucker (Chicago)

Time: 16.00–17.00 CET (over Zoom)

23.05.2022 – Nikunj Saunshi (Princeton)

Time: 14.15–15.15 CET (over Zoom)

09.05.2022 – A Simple RL Setup to Find Counterexamples to Open Conjectures in Mathematics

Speaker: Adam Wagner (Tel Aviv)
Time: 14.15–15.15 CET (over Zoom)
Abstract: In this talk we will leverage a reinforcement learning method, specifically the cross-entropy method, to search for counterexamples to several conjectures in graph theory and combinatorics. We will present a very simplistic setup, in which only minimal changes need to be made (namely the reward function used for RL) in order to successfully attack a wide variety of problems. As a result we will resolve several open problems, and find more elegant counterexamples to previously disproved ones.