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Hyperbolic Ping-Pong

App: follow this link
Author: Ricardo Waibel, based on work by Isabel Giray, Karina Kniel and Phil Neitzel
Description: This game is a hyperbolic version of the classic Pong game, taking place in the Poincaré disc. The ball and paddles move on geodesics, a generalized version of straight lines from Euclidean geometry.
The original code was developed by the above-mentioned seminar students, check out this blog post for more information. The python code was transcribed to javascript using transcription software. For more information, check out the blog post or this GitHub repository with the rewritten python and javascript code.


App: follow this link
Author: Lukas D. Sauer
Description: Interactively experience transformations in the real projective plane using the flagtrafo web application. Transform tuples of flags using the eruption flow, the bulge flow, and the shear flow. Learn how the inscribed polygons are affected by the transformations.